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Variety Pack, 8oz


Can't decide which fantastic variety of Uncle Jerry's to order? Don't worry! Now with our variety case you can try several kinds of Uncle Jerry's Pretzels. Variety cases available in quantities of 8 or 6 8oz bags. We will select the variety of pretzels or let us know which varieties you'd like included! 

Special request? Simply make a note in the customer comments section during checkout, and we'll be happy to accommodate you!

Made in a facility that may contain packaged nuts or nut products.

Combo pretzels
Posted 16th Mar 2019 by Bobbie F

I recently discovered the whole wheat pretzels while traveling. I enjoyed them so much that I wanted more and I wanted to try other varieties. I ordered a 6 pack combo and love the dark, low salt ones, and sesame ones as well. Fresh and crunchy! Can’t wait to try the Specials!

Flavor & Crunch Without Hurting Mouth
Posted 11th Jul 2018 by Mary Troxell

Discovered Extra Dark at local store. Knew I had to find the source. Love! Ordered 4 Extra Dark, 1 Specials & 1 Wheat Sesame. Even with adding the shipping costs, the price per bag was similar to purchasing from store I'd have to drive to ⛽, and store may not have what I want in stock. The Specials are just as good as the Extra Dark. Also glad I can get Lite Salt. That's perfect for me. I'm not scraping off salt that makes some pretzels too salty. These can be devoured because they are crunchy, crunchy, and not called crunchy because some companies try to make their too hard pretzels seem better. Have yet to try the Wheat Sesame, yet have a suspicion they will be stellar too.

The best in the world
Posted 2nd Apr 2017 by Theresa Pulliam

I love these. So good. I'm from Philly, now living in Florida so great to be able to order them. My husband is now hooked. Love the Specials, Whole Wheat and Extra Dark - Specials are my favorite.

If its Uncle Jerry's You know its good!`
Posted 28th Nov 2016 by Robert Howell

All right, so some of the pretzels in this box I probably would not have ordered. Then, I would not have found new ones from Uncle Jerry to adore. The multi grain were (and I mean were) great and I will order again. And I will certainly take a chance on another fun filled box.

Good but too salty
Posted 24th Oct 2016 by Nicholas

I like all your products especially the extra dark pretzels; however, they are a little too salty. Do you produce them with no salt? That would be great.

Consistently good quality
Posted 2nd Sep 2016 by JOE STIGLIANO

The dark pretzel I ordered is a uniquely distinctive and good quality product with fast shipping.

The best!
Posted 30th Aug 2016 by Jamie S.

Love that I can get these out in Washington state! They taste like home. Great product and fast shipping. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Buy them by the case
Posted 17th Jul 2016 by Mr. Avalon

Ordered a 50/50 mix of specials and extra dark so I got what I wanted. Best pretzels around. I used the shipping discount to bring the price down. They should try distributing through amazon

We didn't like all of the different pretzels.
Posted 25th Jun 2016 by Nancy Harkins

Not happy with the different types. Mostly the sticks. Did not like the flavor of the oat bran at all least amount of salt. Won't be ordering this variety again! We do love the pretzels from Uncle Jerrys mostly the Specials and will be getting more!

They taste great
Posted 28th Aug 2015 by Frank Hertwig

Great pretzels . Delivered quickly, unlike previous orders. Shipping still costly. order larger amount to decrease shipping

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Availability All of our pretzels are baked fresh to order, so please allow 7 -10 days for delivery.
Height 9.00
Width 12.00
Depth 12.00
Variety Pack, 8oz