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Variety Pack, 7oz Bag


Can't decide which fantastic variety of Uncle Jerry's to order? Don't worry! Now with our variety case you can try several kinds of Uncle Jerry's Pretzels. Variety cases are available in quantities of 3, 6, or 8 7oz bags of our handmade, sourdough pretzels. We will select the variety of pretzels or let us know which varieties you'd like included! (This item does not include any of our seasonal chocolate pretzels.  Click HERE if you'd like a mix of both!)

Special request? Do you want a specific selection of our sourdough pretzels in your variety pack? Simply make a note in the customer comments section during checkout, and we'll be happy to accommodate you! 

*Contains: Wheat

Posted 24th Apr 2022 by Tf

This is a really wonderful way to try a variety of the pretzels. I’m really glad to have found these whole grain and low salt varieties for occasional treats. Plus, this variety pack makes a great gift.

Oat bran and whole wheat
Posted 21st Aug 2021 by Barbara

Order a box of 6 bags at a time. Share with company when entertaining, otherwise keep them all to myself. Eat them for breakfast! Wonderful and crunchy! Yum!

Personal variety pack
Posted 1st Jun 2021 by Barbara

Having to be on a low salt diet I can still enjoy great tasting pretzels daily! I even eat them for breakfast!

Variety Pack
Posted 23rd May 2021 by Rachel

I'm now a customers for life! These pretzels are amazing and I'm so lucky to have found this company through Jane Esselstyn. I can not eat corn of any kind. All the pretzels in the grocery store have some kind of corn in them. I've missed pretzels so much. This company is a dream come true.

Extra Dark/Whole Wheat combo
Posted 7th May 2021 by Margaret

So nice to be able to order two different types of pretzel in each delivery. (Have faith, pick one and THEN, in the comments, tell them you want a mix of different pretzels. This is not obvious from the order page.) We always order low salt, but my partner likes the whole wheat and I love the extra dark. They are delicious, crisp, and taste like real food.

Variety pack
Posted 31st Mar 2021 by Gloria

This is such a great idea; everyone in my house has such different tastes. Love this and would buy again.

Great gift idea
Posted 1st Jan 2021 by Tom

Gave this as a holiday gift and it was a hit! Great Way to introduce someone to uncle Jerry’s pretzels. Person was excited and enjoyed the variety. Highly recommend.

Posted 30th Dec 2020 by Robin

Love these pretzels. They are the perfect texture and flavor. I gave them away as Christmas presents and now my friends are hooked too!

Posted 6th Jul 2020 by ODL

This order was disappointing. I would not order again. Not fresh and too few packages of pretzels.

Variety Pack
Posted 1st Jul 2020 by Ruby

Best Pretzels ever!!! I cannot eat regular pretzels because of the Salt and Uncle Jerry's LOW SALT works for me, I am able to eat pretzels again. I love the variety back as all the versions are LOW SALT and so tasty, and my favorite is the DARKS by far....

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Availability All of our pretzels are baked fresh to order, so please allow 7 -10 days for delivery.
Height 9.00
Width 12.00
Depth 12.00
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