Yesterday, I happened to buy a bag of your Specials in Brooklyn--at one of the few places that sells them here, Sahadi's--and they were integral in turning what was a really awful day around for the better. My girlfriend and I love pretzels, and Uncle Jerry's are our new favorite. Thank you--keep up the good work!


"I had to email you and tell you that your Extra Dark pretzels were the best pretzels that I have EVER, I mean EVER had. I stopped in to a cute little store on LI 2 weeks ago and bought a bag to snack on. I would not SHARE them with anyone. They were so delicious. I just ordered some bags. Wow,…… love them thanks."



We love your pretzels.  My father and I have always eaten pretzels after dinner.  We started off with Synder's of Hanover which do not hold a candle to your special pretzels.
As I grew older we started compete to see who could find the best pretzel.  I was lucky enough to have found yours when I was visiting my sister in New Jersey.  They fast became our favorite.   Every time my sister flew home to California or someone went to visit we always brought a second suitcase just to fill with your pretzels.
I recently started at a small startup company called Bagdeville, where everyone eats pretzels.  I introduced them to Uncle Jerry's and they were sold from their first bite.  
I am now repeatedly hounded by 1/2 of the office to continue to fly in your pretzels.  We completely love them.  Keep up the great work!!
- Todd


"I just came across Uncle Jerry's pretzels at Mussers market at the buck and I'm so glad I picked them up. I purchased the whole wheat sesame low salt. So yummy! I love your simple all natural ingredients including "well water" I'll be sending some to my family on the west coast during the holidays. Look forward to trying some of the other blends. Good luck in all your future business endeavors but don't change this recipe!"



"I first want to say that I’m not looking for a discount or product replacement, coupons or anything ... I’m writing to thank you for having your Whole Wheat/Sesame Pretzels available to people like me who are Type 2 Diabetics. Although my carb intake has to be watched, I have never tasted anything like this product. The fact that there is no added sugars is also a plus. It’s probably the best whole wheat pretzel I have ever tasted. Plain or dipped in a spicy deli mustard, these pretzels are just great! My wife works in center city Philadelphia and when she remembers, she stops at one of the local stores and brings home a bag."

Thank you again. It truly is an awesome pretzel!

Best regards and continued success,


My name is Charlie Frattini.  I am a TV personality. I am a host on the show called Sell This House Extreme on A&E. It airs Saturday mornings at 11 am EST.  So why am I writing? I want to let you guys know I LOVE your pretzels.  I had them for the first time in Philadelphia Pa during a day trip my wife and I were taking. As we were walking around, I stopped in a deli for a snack and saw your pretzels.  The Extra Dark ones.  As a lover of pretzels (I usually buy the UTZ extra dark, but these far surpass them) I wanted to try them. They looked great through the bag so I took a chance, Let me tell you, they were better than great.  My wife had to tell me to be quiet already because I couldn't get over how good they were.  I passed it off as something I enjoyed but was local to the Pilly area and figured I would never see them (your pretzels) again as I am a New Yorker. Turns out, I was in a store named Sahadi's (in Brooklyn) and as I was getting another snack (hummus) I saw your Pretzels. I had to buy them. I actually bought 4 bags. The cashier was laughing at me in a nice way.  
I love these pretzels.  Im not sure what you guys do differently but damn they are good.  I just finished off a few of the "crumbs" in the last bag.  Yeah, that was my breakfast. Sounds like BS, I know but it is real.  Good job guys.  And thanks for turning me on to a good product. Keep up the good work. 
- Charlie