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Specials Regular Salt BROKES, Pack of 6


While supplies last, now you can purchase our "brokes***" and save 20%.  Our handmade pretzels are fragile and sometimes break while baking and packing!  For a limited time, we're offering these broken pretzels at a discounted price.  Sold in cases of six 7oz bags.

***Product not eligible for exchanges and returns, replacements, or refunds.

*Contains: Wheat

The Brokes!
Posted 13th Jan 2021 by Lynda Enright

Love these Pretzels! Brokes are perfect for snacking and dipping! Same great crunch and salty balance as all Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels! Love the 7oz bags!

Posted 8th Mar 2020 by Jeff

Specials and Oat Bran (brokes when I can get them) are one of my favorite snacks on a wfpb oil free diet. Thanks Jerry!

Posted 12th Feb 2020 by Amy

These are delicious and authentic PA pretzels that I remember from my youth!! You will love these!

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Height 9.00
Width 12.00
Depth 12.00
Broken Pretzels 1
BROKES Packaging