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Specials Extra Salty, 7oz Bag


The Specials launched Uncle Jerry's Pennsylvania Dutch Handmade Pretzels line. This variety, with a medium brown finish, packs a seriously salty punch.  it is the original pretzel craved by pretzel lovers everywhere.  

*Contains: Wheat

Extra Salty Pretzels
Posted 26th May 2023 by Elizabeth

Years before I have tried these Extra Salty and then found some others I liked better Then they changed their extra salty to help buyers control their salt intake????? Started buying Uncle Jerry's and they are better than I remember I'll take care of my own salt intake thank you!

satisfying crunch
Posted 7th May 2020 by Bonnie Spoon

When you need a crunch this is the pretzel to do it with. My husband and I love Uncle Jerry's Pretzels. I find that the regulars don't have enough salt for me and that the salty are VERY salty, so what I do is buy both and mix them together ; ) If I see the pretzel has a lot of salt on it, I just rub it off. They are very salty. I have been buying them for a year now. I do recommend buying these. They are our go to brand now. Just be aware when you go to the shopping page they start with 8 bags, so if you want just three bags make sure you click to only three bags. It does take a while to get the order, so don't let yourself run out. When you're getting low put your next order into the hopper!! Enjoy that C R U N C H!

Looking for “Just right!”
Posted 31st Aug 2019 by Charlie S

Both the Regular and Extra Salt Pretzels are excellent. Best flavor pretzel brand of all time. I’ve enjoyed them for years. However, after being tossed around, the Regular Salt do not have enough salt remaining; the Extra Salt have too much salt (although if eaten with a dip or Pub cheese are delicious); I’d be ecstatic if there were a salt version halfway between those two choices.

uncle jerry's extra salt pretzels
Posted 23rd Jun 2019 by Marie Seton O'Brien

not crazy about the actual pretzel part of the flavor [in comparison to other brands] but the extra salt and the fact that it is a nice sea salt not a regular table salt make them one of my favorite snacks.

Best pretzels EVER!!
Posted 15th Jun 2019 by Laurie n

I’m addicted!! I’ve tried all sorts of pretzels from all over the US, and these are the best. Love the salt! My pretzels arrived in great shape. No breaks. Maybe my UPS person is nicer. But hands down, UJ’s aren’t go-to. Place an order every other month!!

Pretzzels for Gifts
Posted 28th Dec 2017 by Ann Sewell

These are undoubtedly the best pretzels for anyone who loves salt. I had one bag when visiting PA and likely them so well I ordered for Christmas Gifts for my brothers. My sister felt left out so we had to get her some too. Only problem with shipment was that most of the 16 bags I received were crushed so badly you could not tell they were whole pretzels. They still taste wonderful, but did not make for a nice gift presentation. If so many hadn't been broken. I would have rated a 5 star because the product certainly in wonderful.

Fantastic Pretzels
Posted 14th Oct 2017 by Teresa Ann

If you like extra salt, these are the best pretzels you'll ever find. They are absolutely fantastic!! So happy I came across them.

Posted 5th Sep 2017 by rob z

these are the best pretzels- shipped quick! taste so fresh.

Gotta Have Them
Posted 30th Aug 2017 by Bob

Absolutely addictive. Consistent quality, taste, baking, ingredients, customer service and TASTY! What more can you ask??

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Calories Per Serving (1 Pretzel) 80
Fat Calories 0
Total Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 760mg
Total Carb. 18g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars (incl. 0g added sugars) 0g
Protein 2g
Height 9.00
Width 12.00
Depth 12.00
GTIN 891552002112
INGREDIENTS: Unbleached Wheat Flour, Water,
Sourdough Starter (unbleached wheat flour, water,
yeast), Salt, Yeast, Sodium Hydroxide
Contains: Wheat
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