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Extra Dark Regular Salt, 7oz Bags


For those who crave the well-done snack, here's your pretzel.  The Extra Dark variety has set us apart because of its unique finish: a slow-baked, darkened (sometimes blackened) version of our Specials.  

Made in a facility that may contain packaged nuts or nut products.

Extra dark
Posted 29th Dec 2020 by Dana

Best pretzels I’ve ever had. Kids love them too!

Crunchy delight
Posted 17th Dec 2020 by Stef

Although most pretzels are whole in each bag, I tell myself the broken pieces are less caloric and end up eating more calories by eating lots of pieces, than had I simply taken a whole pretzel to begin with. So satisfying to crunch, and no fat!

Extra Dark, Regular Salt Pretzels
Posted 3rd Dec 2020 by Mike

Awesome! We got turned on to these 5 years ago, or so, when we first ordered them and they came in larger bags. My only negative comment is the usual complaint of pricing increases and volume decreases! Supply and demand rule the economy. Other than that, we absolutely love these pretzels! The flavor is just so much more enriched with the extra dark roast!

Extra Dark Pretzels
Posted 5th Nov 2020 by Jon

These pretzels used to be extra dark. Now they are just dark. While the flavor isn’t quite as toasty as it used to be, the texture is good. I used to plan my travels on where I could get these as they’re not for sale where I live. But since they’re not uniquely extra dark, I’ll probably just settle for the other “dark” offerings out there.

The best.
Posted 22nd Oct 2020 by Eric Mock

I love Uncle Jerry’s Extra Darks. I get a case shipped from Pennsylvania to California every month or so to satisfy my Jones. Crispy, bitter, and salty. Absolutely the best pretzel out there.

Extra Darks number 1!
Posted 25th Sep 2020 by Eric O

The absolute number 1 pretzel. Such a hit with this household, neighbors, and friends. Great flavor, perfect amount of salt and that great pretzel crunch...a beautiful thing

Dark salty
Posted 11th Sep 2020 by Brooks R Susman

Can't have a home without them!

Dark pretzels
Posted 28th Aug 2020 by Chris

Love these. They are so good I order bags for friends etc. best pretzels I’ve found.

The Cadillac of Pretzels
Posted 31st Jul 2020 by Mike Taxier

I am a life long pretzel lover. The Extra Dark Pretzels are a cut above all the other pretzels I have eaten. They are extra crunchy and flavorful. You can get them with with regular or low salt. They are a gourmet treat.

Breakage in Shipping
Posted 19th Jul 2020 by Dan Osetek

I have been a buyer of Uncle Jerry's extra dark pretzels for several years. I still buy and pay for shipping, but todays delivery options are all too rough on the packages. My orders arrive in small pieces, less than 10% arrive as whole pretzels.

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Calories Per Serving (1 Pretzel) 80
Fat Calories 0
Total Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 360mg
Total Carb. 18g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars (incl. 0g added sugars) 0g
Protein 2g
Height 9.00
Width 12.00
Depth 12.00
INGREDIENTS: Unbleached Wheat Flour, Water,
Sourdough Starter (unbleached wheat flour, water,
yeast), Salt, Yeast, Sodium Hydroxide
Contains: Wheat

Extra Dark Regular Salt, 7oz Bags
Extra Dark Regular Salt, 7oz Bags
Extra Dark Regular Salt, 7oz Bags
Extra Dark Regular Salt, 7oz Bags