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Extra Dark Regular Salt, 3lb Bag


For those who crave the well-done snack, here's your pretzel.  The Extra Dark variety has set us apart because of its unique finish: a slow-baked, darkened (sometimes blackened) version of our Specials.  

The 3lb. bag of pretzels is sold in loose, bulk packaging.   In order to fulfill your order in the most timely matter, substitutions may be made with the 7-7oz bags of the same variety.

Made in a facility that may contain packaged nuts or nut products.

Extra Dark, Regular Salt Pretzels
Posted 6th Jan 2021 by Mike

These are just the best pretzels ever: a hard but satisfying crunch, delicious, dark, smoky flavor, and just the right amount of salty goodness. My wife and I love these extra dark pretzels!

Extra Dark Pretzels
Posted 23rd Dec 2020 by Susan

I ordered these for my son but I've been munching on Uncle Jerry's Pretzels for years. These pretzels are hands down the best I've ever tasted! Nice and crunchy and tasty and enjoyed by everyone on my family, no matter which variety. Always very pleased :<)

Extra Dark Sourdough Pretzels
Posted 30th Oct 2020 by Alli

These pretzels are fantastic. These are the most authentic sourdough pretzels I have tried and can really taste that they are made frequently in small batches. The extra dark flavor is our favorite, super crunchy, and has the perfect amount of salt!

Great product
Posted 19th Aug 2020 by Harvey

I ordered 2 3# bags of dark salt pretzels and they were perfect. They arrived in good shape and I eat a few every night when I get home.

Not as dark
Posted 13th Aug 2020 by ANNETTE BOULWARE

The pretzels are not as "dark" as it was described. We don't mind paying extra if all of the pretzels were dark, however, many of them were regular and the dark ones were interspersed in the bag. I found a brand at the local grocery store that was less expensive and more flavor. All of the the pretzels were dark too.

Extra Dark Pretzels
Posted 22nd Jul 2020 by Mike Bernstein

I'm a pretzel fanatic, and these are the best I've ever had. Hands down. They aren't stale and brittle like Snyders but rather have a firm crunch and then that hint of char that brings me right back to the streets of New York City with the hot pretzels over coals. Can't get enough. The only complaint is their economy level packaging. You are forced to choose between two unsatisfying alternatives. Either the 3 lb. jumbo bag that is apparently for commercial users, or the smaller 8oz bags that are made of super flimsy plastic. It tears apart at the slightest touch, making it annoying to deal with - salt falls out of the cracks and it's hard to keep the pretzels fresh. Hope you guys upgrade to packaging that's worthy of the product inside it.

Extra Dark Regular Salt
Posted 12th Jun 2020 by Barbara

I love these pretzels. There is always a lot of salt which adds to the crunch.

3lb Extra Dark
Posted 5th Jun 2020 by Veronica Hall

I am a HUGE fan of Uncle Jerry’s small bags in Whole Foods of Extra Dark. However, I had to remove (half) a star from my recent purchase because many pretzels in the bag were not extra dark, at least not in the same way/to the same extreme as the bags. Most of the pretzels still had golden brown to their color. HOWEVER- Let me be clear- that is not a bad thing***** Their regular pretzels have the same hardness and crunch I love and taste delicious. They just aren’t my “extra dark” personal preference. So, if there was one thing I would ask for, it’s quality checks on making sure the 3lb bag doesn’t look mostly golden brown. But people, I’m posting this review in the middle of a pandemic and I ordered them during the shut down itself, so. Take the review with a grain of salt, eh? (Pun intended) but seriously... what did I expect? I’d order again and try a second time. I’m a lover of their pretzels hands down. And am mindful of placing a “quality control” statement about an order placed during a government shut down. So. This is a 4.5 star review!! Or it would be, if I could’ve only taken away a half a star. I put in no comments or complaints on my order specifically because the pretzels are still delicious. And I am definitely eating them :)

3lb extra dark
Posted 3rd May 2020 by Brenda

I am so addicted! Just love them. Florida has nothing to come close to Uncle Jerry’s.

Dark pretzels
Posted 22nd Apr 2020 by Brooks Susman

Buying in bulk gives me relief that they are always available. They accompany meals and snacks. With peanut butter slathered or with mustard or in place of any cracker with cheddar or with hard salami....wait, I'm making myself hungry.

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Calories Per Serving (1 Pretzel) 80
Fat Calories 0
Total Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 360mg
Total Carb. 18g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars (incl. 0g added sugars) 0g
Protein 2g
Height 9.00
Width 12.00
Depth 12.00
INGREDIENTS: Unbleached Wheat Flour, Water,
Sourdough Starter (unbleached wheat flour, water,
yeast), Salt, Yeast, Sodium Hydroxide
Contains: Wheat
Extra Dark Regular Salt, 3lb Bag