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Extra Dark Pretzel Pieces Covered in Dark Chocolate


Our two best-selling items have been combined for this amazing treat: Extra Dark pretzels and dark chocolate.  The Extra Dark pretzels are broken into bite-sized pieces then covered in dark chocolate. These chocolate-covered pretzel pieces are sold in 8oz bags. 

*Our chocolate pretzels are produced in a facility that contains nuts or tree nuts products. Contains: wheat, dairy.

Best on Planet Earth
Posted 27th Nov 2021 by Bill

These are simply the best chocolate cover pretzels available here on Planet Earth.

Posted 20th Oct 2021 by David

Extra dark dark chocolate covered pretzels are my family's and coworkers favorite treat

Dark Magic
Posted 16th Oct 2021 by Jake

These will haunt your dreams. You will regret not buying more when you had the chance.

Heavenly snack
Posted 30th Apr 2021 by WN

I crave these. The dark chocolate is bittersweet and there is a very generous coating on each piece. The pretzels of course are crispy and delicious. What a combination. I do agree that it is pricey for a pretzel snack and with shipping it makes me think twice about reordering. But they are that good. Recommend highly.

Dark Chocolate pretzel
Posted 18th Feb 2021 by Mike Gale

Very tasty, rich chocolate, and makes you want to order more. The only complaint is that I think they are a little pricy and I don’t know if I would re-order.

Addicted to the dark chocolate covered pretzels!
Posted 29th Dec 2020 by Robin b

I am addicted to these dark chocolate covered pretzels and so are all my friends to whom I’ve sent these for holiday gifts. I’ve reordered 6 bags twice within 2 weeks!!! Some more for me and some for my book club gifts. Just yum!

Extra Dark Pretzel Pieces Covered in Dark Chocolate
Posted 3rd Dec 2020 by Mike

I will start with the negative just to get it out of the way! The prices are crazy, way too expensive for what you get, especially when shipping prices are added. Having said that however, this is the best of two worlds (extra dark pretzel pieces) plus (dark chocolate)! How can this not be a perfect marriage? Another great treat from your company!

Extra Dark Pretzel Pieces Covered in Dark Chocolate
Posted 21st Feb 2020 by NEIL KIRK

Uncle Jerry's Extra Dark Pretzel Pieces Covered in Dark Chocolate = The finest chocolate-covered pretzels on planet Earth. Period.

Big-time yumzy
Posted 6th Nov 2019 by Stef

I couldn't tell you if the pretzels were extra dark or regular; I admit I bought the product because I mistakenly read its name "Extra Dark Pretzel Pieces ..." as "Extra Dark Chocolate Pretzel Pieces ...", but the food is exquisite. I wouldn't mind the cacao being a higher percentage, as another reviewer noted, but nonetheless, the pieces taste fantastic.

Dark-chocolate-covered Extra Darks
Posted 2nd Nov 2018 by SOL SEPSENWOL

Uncle Jerry's Extra Darks are my all-time pretzel favorite and dipping them in dark chocolate is a wonderful idea. Salt, dark chocolate, the slightly burnt ExD pretzel and the deafening crunch are indeed great complements to each other. I thought a higher cacao percent in the dark chocolate would have been the pinnacle. On the other hand, if they were any more perfect, I would have soon become a blimp.

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Height 6.00
Width 10.00
Depth 12.00
INGREDIENTS: Unbleached Flour, Water, Sourdough, Yeast, Salt and Soda, Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Milk Fat, Lecithin, Vanilla
Dark Chocolate Extra Dark Pretzel Pieces