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Extra Dark Pretzel Pieces Covered in Dark Chocolate


For a brief time only, try our Extra Dark pretzels, broken into bite-sized pieces, covered in dark chocolate. These chocolate-covered pretzel pieces are sold in 8oz bags. 

Produced in a facility that may contain nuts. Contains dairy.

Big-time yumzy
Posted 6th Nov 2019 by Stef

I couldn't tell you if the pretzels were extra dark or regular; I admit I bought the product because I mistakenly read its name "Extra Dark Pretzel Pieces ..." as "Extra Dark Chocolate Pretzel Pieces ...", but the food is exquisite. I wouldn't mind the cacao being a higher percentage, as another reviewer noted, but nonetheless, the pieces taste fantastic.

Dark-chocolate-covered Extra Darks
Posted 2nd Nov 2018 by SOL SEPSENWOL

Uncle Jerry's Extra Darks are my all-time pretzel favorite and dipping them in dark chocolate is a wonderful idea. Salt, dark chocolate, the slightly burnt ExD pretzel and the deafening crunch are indeed great complements to each other. I thought a higher cacao percent in the dark chocolate would have been the pinnacle. On the other hand, if they were any more perfect, I would have soon become a blimp.

Posted 14th Dec 2017 by Mary

Sooooooo good! Highly recomment

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Height 6.00
Width 10.00
Depth 12.00
Extra Dark Pretzel Pieces Covered in Dark Chocolate