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Extra Dark Low Salt, 7oz Bags


For those who crave the well-done snack, here's your pretzel.  The Extra Dark variety has set us apart because of its unique finish: a slow-baked, darkened version of our Specials.  The finish on these pretzels will range from lightly toasted to blackened.**

*Contains: Wheat

**Exact finish may not match images provided due to the handmade nature of the product.

extra dark low salt pretzels
Posted 21st Aug 2021 by Clarence Glassmyer

Uncle Jerry's Extra Dark Low Salt Pretzels are the very best snack there is. Perfect!

Extra Dark Low Salt
Posted 3rd Aug 2021 by Brian

Love these pretzels! Excellent product. Low salt the best. If you like a lot of salt, those are really great also but the low salt is for me. Love the Extra Dark. What a discovery! Most highly recommended.

Low Salt Dark Pretzel
Posted 27th Jul 2021 by Stacey

I found my new go to snack. Actually, would you believe me if I said the entire eight bags of these dark pretzels were gone in five days? Yes, all me. Good thing I ordered "low salt" :) Going to order 24 bags next week for a conference to give out. Simply the best.... ever!

Low salt pretzels/home delivery
Posted 29th May 2021 by Margaret

Having fallen in love with Extra Dark Uncle Jerry's pretzels from a store, we discovered that Uncle Jerry delivers low-salt Extra Dark AND low-salt Whole Wheat as a mixed order (4 + 4 bags). Lovely. He likes Whole Wheat and I like Extra Dark and we both love being able to reduce the salt. Win win for a delicious snack.

The Best!
Posted 22nd Apr 2021 by Judi

Your extra dark low salt pretzels are hands down The Best! The taste, the crunch, & not overly salted. I’m a pretzel freak & these are so beyond any other brand! Thank you for making them!!

Extra Dark Low Salt
Posted 21st Apr 2021 by Daniel Crone, III


Best Pretzel around!
Posted 7th Apr 2021 by Jesse

I didn't think Uncle Jerry's could get any better, but, well, the low-salt version is the perfect for snacking--and even better for dipping! (To be perfectly honest, though, I wish they would come out with a "medium salt" version right in between low and regular...)

Extra dark low salt
Posted 11th Mar 2021 by Micah

Best combination of flavor and crunch of any pretzel I’ve ever eaten. So good with peanut butter

Extra Dark Low Salt
Posted 10th Mar 2021 by Jerry

Extra dark, low salt pretzels- a dream come true. Thanks. Jerry (really)

Low salt burnt pretzel
Posted 18th Feb 2021 by Michael J. Gale

I think that this your best pretzel. If you like a burnt pretzel, don’t look any further. Great taste and not overly salty.

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Calories Per Serving (1 Pretzel) 80
Fat Calories 0
Total Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 85mg
Total Carb. 18g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars (incl. 0g added sugars) 0g
Protein 2g
Height 9.00
Width 12.00
Depth 12.00
GTIN 891552002037
INGREDIENTS: Unbleached Wheat Flour, Water,
Sourdough Starter (unbleached wheat flour, water,
yeast), Yeast, Salt, Sodium Hydroxide
Contains: Wheat
Extra Dark Low Salt Pretzel 1
Extra Dark Low Salt, 7oz Bags
Extra Dark Low Salt, 7oz Bags
Extra Dark Low Salt, 7oz Bags