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Everything Pretzel, 7oz Bags


Do you love the taste explosion of garlic, sesame seeds, salt, poppy seeds and onion from an everything bagel but still crave a satisfying crunch?  Then our new Everything pretzel is just for you!  We take the classic everything seasoning and bake it into our sourdough mix for the perfect pretzel.  The best part of all is the seasoning is baked into the batter so it won't flake off!  This is not a low salt pretzel.  Although we don't add any surface salt, there is some in the seasoning.

*Contains: Wheat

Everything Pretzel
Posted 21st Mar 2021 by Robin Aloi

These pretzels are amazing! The flavor and texture make it impossible to eat only one at a time-a true gift to the tastebuds!

Forever Everything
Posted 12th Mar 2021 by Roget Hyman

I crave the savory taste of garlic, sesame seeds, salt, poppy seeds and onion on whatever crunchy snack... except cookies. Jerry's Everything pretzels, along with their regular ones are fabulous... SOooo treat yourself and go for a favor bomb, you'll pat yourself on the back... go for the crunch, keep coming back for the taste.!!!

Everything Pretzel
Posted 3rd Mar 2021 by Gary

I really love these pretzels. They have a unique taste with not too much salt. It's hard controlling myself from eating a whole bag in one sitting. Will order these again down the road.

They're almost gone!
Posted 27th Feb 2021 by EvanR

I just opened my box of 8 bags a few days ago and they're disappearing rapidly!! They're delicious and since the salt is blended into the dough they seem to be even saltier than the regulars! The flavor blend seems to lean more towards onion than to garlic, but that's just my sense of it. A great addition!

Bagel Pretzel
Posted 18th Feb 2021 by Mike Gale

I thought these were ok, but I thought they would be a little more tasty., but nothing can beat the low salt burnt pretzel.

Growing on me
Posted 5th Feb 2021 by G Perri

I would say they have gotten better as I have finished the first bag. I was disappointed with the flavor at first but am now appreciating the everything flavor. They also didn't travel well as the first bag was mostly pieces and not one whole pretzel in the bag. Hoping the flavor continues to improve as I go through the remainder of the bags!

Everything Pretzel
Posted 4th Feb 2021 by MR Joseph P Bukis

Taste great. However, I prefer the Extra Dark pretzels. Would love to have everything added to the extra dark pretzels. Currently I eat both at the same time. Little bit of one then a little bit of the other. Great products.

Posted 4th Feb 2021 by Dan D

I am still an avid lover of the classics, and nothing beats the classic darks. BUT, these are amazing, an incredible addition to the rotation. Love them

Everything Pretzel
Posted 3rd Feb 2021 by Mike

These are an amazing add to your outstanding list of products; I love everything about them. However, I love the extra dark salted much more. I think if you married the two, put the everything seasoning on the extra dark pretzel, you would have an amazing combo. I would love to try that!

It’s Everything
Posted 3rd Feb 2021 by Ed P

From the time you open the bag, you get the aroma of a traditional bagel shop. The garlic is the first thing you smell, then the mix of seeds follows. But the smell is only the beginning. The taste is equally good. All of the flavors of an everything bagel is there but with a crunch. The seeds are baked in so they don’t sit on the surface to fall off like a bagel. And there is very little surface salt which is a plus for me. Will definitely order again

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Calories Per Serving (1 Pretzel) 90
Fat Calories 0
Total Fat 1g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 460mg
Total Carb. 19g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars (Incl. 0g Added Sugars) 0g
Protein 2g
INGREDIENTS: Unbleached Wheat Flour, Water,
Sourdough Starter (unbleached wheat flour, water, yeast),
Yeast, Sodium Carbonate. Seasoning: Hulled Sesame Seeds,
Sea Salt, Garlic Minced, Onion Minced, Sesame Seeds
Black, Poppy Seeds Contains: Wheat
Everything Pretzel, 7oz Bags