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Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bark


First, we take our Specials pretzels and break them into smaller pieces.  We lay the pieces on a sheet then cover those pieces with a decadent dark chocolate.  We then break up the sheet, creating smaller pieces of bark.  This item is sold in 8oz bags.

(Gift tissue paper and bow not included)

*Our chocolate pretzels are produced in a facility that contains nuts or tree nuts products. Contains: wheat, dairy.

Posted 11th Dec 2021 by Janet Elman

The dark chocoate on this pretzel bark is absolutely delicious. The combo of the chocolate with the crunch of the salty pretxel make this a dynamic duo. I enjoy these more than the typical chocolate and fruit/nut bark that I have had from others.

Dark Pretzel Bark
Posted 11th Feb 2021 by Steve Richfield

Ever since these amazing treats were first available they have purchase regularly so as to be available at my home. My only regret is that they’re not available during the warmer months. I make a point of finding the most transcendent treats during the pandemic and these are among the top three.

Pretzel Bark
Posted 22nd Dec 2020 by Marcia Gaffner

This is amazing.I can't eat just one piece.It is addicting.I have given it as gifts to several people and they have the same reaction.

Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bark
Posted 3rd Dec 2020 by Mike

Again, pricing = too much.... but I understand, the economy is run on supply and demand. These are incredibly rich and delicious; they are also a much easier snack to munch on when trying to be careful of biting into harder and larger pretzels.

Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bark
Posted 5th Apr 2020 by Steven Warshaw

"Most excellent!" (To quote Bill & Ted)

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INGREDIENTS: Unbleached Flour, Water, Sourdough, Yeast, Salt and Soda, Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Milk Fat, Lecithin, Vanilla
Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bark