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Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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This is a classic chocolate pretzel.  We use the Specials regular salt pretzel and coat it with Lancaster County's favorite Wilburs chocolate.  Each individually-wrapped pretzel is coated with an ounce of chocolate and is a seasonal favorite. Enjoy!

*Our chocolate pretzels are produced in a facility that contains nuts or tree nuts products. Contains: wheat, dairy.

the best
Posted 14th Mar 2023 by Randy

these pretzels are the BOMB.you gotta get some!

Tasty treats
Posted 27th Nov 2021 by Jill

These were tasty treats. I wish there was a way to make them without using animal products (milk fat) and sugar. Maybe with date sugar? Anyways, they are worth the purchase. Guilty treats.

Dark chocolate covered pretzels.
Posted 11th Feb 2021 by Ray

My wife and daughter love, love, love them!

dark chocolate covered pretzel
Posted 11th Jan 2021 by linda yun

so delicious. will definitely be a go-to for gifts now.

Good but ...
Posted 17th Dec 2020 by Stef

Compared to the extra dark pretzel pieces coated in chocolate, these dark chocolate coated regular pretzels are not quite as tantalizing, but they're still very good. Perhaps it's the sour dough flavoring that is brought out by the extra dark pieces that makes the regular chocolate coated pretzels missing oomph.

The Greatest Treat EVER!!!
Posted 9th Dec 2020 by Eric G Bergman

If you like sweet an salty - this has got to be the best treat ever created by mankind! Nothing is better!!!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Posted 30th Oct 2020 by Brett

Didn't know what to expect when I ordered these. I'm a big fan of the pretzels but had my doubts. They're great! Delicious, dark chocolate covered - all that I had hoped for. I highly recommend folks to purchase these.

Dark chocolate covered pretzels
Posted 30th May 2020 by Linda G

I order these individually wrapped so we can give them away. Two family members work in a hospital, one in an ED and they give them to fellow workers and anyone who seems to need a bit of a treat. These covered pretzels are perfectly salty sweet and quite devine!!!

Chocolate peanut
Posted 22nd Apr 2020 by Brooks Susman

Just the best I have ever eaten. The first surprising bite sold me. I have become a hoarder, keeping them from anyone else.

Dark Choc Pretzels
Posted 13th Feb 2020 by Vernon

Delicious, good quality chocolate! Always fresh. Thanks Unc Jerry!

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Height 6.00
Width 10.00
Depth 12.00
INGREDIENTS: Unbleached Flour, Water, Sourdough, Yeast, Salt and Soda, Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Milk Fat, Lecithin, Vanilla
Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel