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"My friend introduced me to these pretzel while in Nantucket. Some of the best I’ve ever had. If you’re a pretzel fan these are a must try. Perfectly crunchy with the right crumble bite and lots of salt. They offer different option for low or no salt if not a fan. I love that you can order them now from their website so I can enjoy them all year round. The regular specials and oat bran are my current favorite but also enjoy dark and whole wheat."


- Tracy Ann


"I’m hopelessly addicted to extra dark low salt. My go to pretzel."


- Doug


"Uncle Jerry's Pretzels Whole Wheat Sesame Low Salt are my favorite. So many to choose from everyone can find one they love."



- Terri


"Absolutely delicious pretzels and great service! I can't wait for the next order :)"



- Phil


"Hands down the BEST pretzel I have ever had the opportunity to eat... I have ordered and eaten over 18 cases of pretzels since being introduce to them 3 years ago. If anyone is looking to experience, in my opinion, the best pretzel available. Uncle Jerry's Pretzels should make your list!"



- Chris


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