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Classic Gift Cases


Give your family, friends, and colleagues a taste of traditional Pennsylvania.*  Uncle Jerry's Pretzels creates the perfect gift with a selection of classic sourdough pretzels shipped in a white, hand-stamped case.  

Each case contains 12 8oz bags of pretzels.** 2-8oz bags each: Specials regular salt, Specials low salt, Extra Dark regular salt, Extra Dark low salt, Whole Wheat Sesame low salt, and Oat Bran regular salt.

**Substitutions available upon request.  *Special pricing for orders over 10.

Posted 29th Mar 2018 by James and Leanne Puff

Amazing flavor and freshness!!!!

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Height 14.00
Width 14.00
Depth 14.00
For details, please review specific variety
**Please see product description for specific varieties included