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Summer Celebration Snack Ideas

Summer is full of get togethers with friends and family, endless pool days, vacations, and so much more. While summer can be full to the brim with activity, it is important to remember all of the celebrations that take place each summer.

From birthdays to holidays and so much more, there is plenty to be celebrated every single summer. Get ahead of celebrations with these quick and easy ideas to celebrate those you adore all summer long.

Send Gift Boxes

There is nothing better than opening your door to find a box of snacks delivered right to your doorstep. Surprise gifts delivered to family and friends is a great way to encourage those around you and let someone know you are thinking of them, even from miles away.

There are so many things to be celebrated over the summer, and all year long, from birthdays to anniversaries and everything in between.

Gift boxes full to the brim of different flavors of handmade Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels are sure to celebrate any occasion this summer. Our Classic Pretzel case allows you to send eight 7 oz. bags of handmade pretzels to someone you want to celebrate this summer, all packaged in a white hand-stamped case.

Grab Multiple Variety Packs

Whether you are hosting a large get-together or are planning a vacation with friends, having plenty of snack options is imperative during the summer months. The only problem is everyone's palette is a little different and finding snacks that will please everyone can be difficult.

Thankfully you can order variety packs that come with multiple flavors for everyone to pick and choose what they will enjoy. Plus, having multiple options of Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels on hand is great to have for entertaining to put out on a tray with a delicious dip, creating an easy entertaining snack.

Stay Prepared with Snack Packs

Having individually wrapped snacks is perfect when kids are home for the summer and even into the school year.

Individually wrapped handmade snacks can easily be put out for party favors, or simply added to a road trip snack basket. Allowing kids to grab a snack every now and then without opening an entire bag can save you from having wasted snacks.

With two of our most popular varieties to choose from, Uncle Jerry’s offers our Specials and Extra Dark in convenient two pretzel snack packs for your family to enjoy. Individually wrapped handmade Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels are great to have available for kids to grab and go no matter if you use them for birthday parties, sporting events, or simply keeping the pantry stocked.

Summer is the time to enjoy each other's company and make memories that will truly last a lifetime. Celebrating all summer long gets even better with salty handmade pretzels on hand or delivered to a loved one's door for them to enjoy.

Baked fresh in Lancaster County, each Pennsylvania Dutch pretzel is handmade and packaged by hand just for you. Now is the time to shop for your celebrations this summer and stock up on all of the handmade pretzel snacks you need.