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Specials Regular Salt

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The Specials launched Uncle Jerry's Pennsylvania Dutch Handmade Pretzels line. This variety, with the dark brown finish, is the original pretzel craved by pretzel lovers everywhere.  

SPECIAL NOTE: The 3lb. and 6lb. bags of pretzels are sold in loose, bulk packaging.  The 3lb. and 6lb. bags are not single, sealed bags. In order to fulfill your order in the most timely matter, substitutions may be made with the 6-8oz. bags of the same variety.



Ingredients: Unbleached wheat flour, water, sourdough, yeast, salt and soda

Always Great!!!
Posted 4th Jan 2018 by Evan R

I usually order the Extra Darks but got the Regular this time. They're both superb!! I always get the 3lb bag, because... well... 3lb of joy!!

Posted 26th Dec 2017 by warren kline

Got a bag in a gift basket...Was skeptical...Now I'm hooked..Best damn pretzels I 've tasted in along time..Just wish they were in more locations so I didn't have to ship them..

Specials Reg. Salt
Posted 14th Dec 2017 by Bill

I consider myself a pretzel connoisseur. I grew up outside Philadelphia and have been living in California for quite sometime now. You cannot find a better tasting hard pretzel. I order them by the pound. I do find that the reg salt can be a bit excessive and would consider it extra salt. I have ordered low salt and it just wasn’t enough. I would love to be able to find a happy medium. I love your pretzels.

Awesome Pretzels
Posted 11th Dec 2017 by Rob Stevens

I am a big fan of Uncle Jerry's Pretzels ... really tasty. It's hard to find "real hand twisted" pretzels these days. I've had both the regular salted and the extra dark ... not sure which I like better. I buy them in the 6 pound box which is really two 3 pound boxes taped together. I don't mind the pieces too much although this last batch must have been tossed off the UPS truck a few too many times. They were mostly broken in small pieces this time ... had better luck in the past. Pretzels are reasonable priced but shipping does add up ... $10 extra for the 6 pounds. Still a good deal for pretzel addicts.

Uncle Jerry's Specials
Posted 1st Dec 2017 by Rich G.

Best Pretzels ever !! . Great taste with the best ingredients and just the right amount of salt .

Specials--Best Ever
Posted 31st Oct 2017 by Merry G.

We love ordering from Uncle Jerry's. It's so easy and the shipping price is fair. The pretzels are always fresh and wonderful! Thank you.

Uncle Jerry's Specials
Posted 9th Oct 2017 by Richard Giddes

The absolute best pretzels available !! . Nothing mass produced here and the ingredients make for a very tasty pretzel .

Posted 11th Jul 2017 by Neil Kirk

Uncle Jerry's Pretzels are AAAAA+! -- THE BEST!

The Best Pretzels Ever
Posted 8th Jul 2017 by Denise

As the headline says "The Best Pretzels Ever!" We buy them by the case at least every other month.

Best pretzels I have ever had
Posted 25th May 2017 by Gary R.

I have been buying Uncle Jerry's pretzels for some time now and find them exceptional. I do find them a little pricy which may be a good thing for me. If they were cheaper I would be buying and eating them a lot more often!

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Calories Per Serving (1 Pretzel) 90
Fat Calories 0
Total Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 360mg
Total Carb. 21g
Sugars 0g
Protein 2g
Specials  Regular Salt
Specials  Regular Salt
Specials  Regular Salt
Specials  Regular Salt