There is nothing artificial about these pretzels!  From the beginning when when the local ingredients are sourced to the end when they are hand packed and shipped, we guarantee a natural process with real people involved! 

Step 1 - Sourcing

Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels are made from all natural ingredients produced by local manufacturers in Lancaster County.  Even the Oat Bran and Sesame Seed is local.

Step 2 - Mixing 

Every day is different. Each batch of dough is mixed fresh for the day’s baking schedule and is based upon order fulfillment.

Steps 3 & 4 - Rolling & Cutting 



Once the dough is finished, it is rolled out into long pieces and fed through a hand-cranked machine.  The smaller pieces are ready for twisting!

Step 5 - Twisting 



Just like snowflakes - no two pretzels are alike!  Every pretzel is hand rolled and twisted. That makes every pretzels is unique and why you may see some slight variation in size and shape.  Then, the pretzels are placed on long trays until they are ready to be salted and baked.


Step 6 - Salting


Based on the variety being made, pretzels are dipped in a solution and the salt is added – all by hand!

Step 7- Baking & Drying


Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels are baked in a stone-hearth oven and then dried to that variety's special finish.  For example, the Extra Dark pretzels are baked longer for an almost blackened finish while the Specials have that traditional brown finish.

Step 8- Sorting and Packaging 



Having been baked to perfection, the pretzels are sorted and bagged, yes – you guessed it – by hand!  Any broken product is removed.

Step 9- Shipping

Whether you have purchased a gift or 48 snack packs, your order is carefully handpacked with biodegradable peanuts and shipped via UPS ground.  When you have a special order or request, we can assure you that it's receiving personalized attention - right down to the hand-written notes!

Step 10- Ordering

Ready to order your pretzels?  Check out all of our varieties and make sure to read all the rave press reviews and testimonials.