Great Pretzels, Healthy Snacks

Uncle Jerry’s has been bringing customers the healthy taste of sourdough for two decades. The original recipe for our scrumptious Pennsylvania Dutch pretzel, written 100 years ago, reads no sweeteners, no shortening, no oil, just the simple ingredients, and that is how we continue to make our pretzel. Baked in a cozy south-central Pennsylvania bakery, each pretzel, rolled and twisted by hand, will satisfy your craving for a light and hearty snack made by a local business.

All Natural Pennsylvania Pretzels

All of our pretzels are fat free, made without oil, shortening, or sweeteners of any kind. And of course there are no preservatives. That's our promise to you. A promise that's true for every variety baked, whether regular or low salt.

Crunchy Treats

Uncle Jerry's pretzels, from our chocolate covered pretzels to our gourmet pretzels, have a unique texture and crunch. We guarantee the crunch because every pretzel is baked fresh-to-order and has not been sitting in a storage warehouse.

A Philly Pretzel For Everyone

There are 6 varieties of pretzels available throughout the year, which are available in regular and low salt. In the fall and spring, we offer our gourmet, chocolate covered pretzels, available in milk and dark chocolate.
Only Best of Philly Award Winner for Hard Pretzels since 1990!


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