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Extra Dark Low Salt

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For those who crave the well-done snack, here's your pretzel.  The Extra Dark variety has set us apart because of its unique finish: a slow-baked, blackened version of our Specials. 

SPECIAL NOTE: The 3lb. and 6lb. bags of pretzels are sold in loose, bulk packaging.  The 3lb. and 6lb. bags are not single, sealed bags. In order to fulfill your order in the most timely matter, substitutions may be made with the 6-8oz. bags of the same variety.

Made in a facility that may contain packaged nuts or nut products.

Extra Dark Low Salt
Posted 19th Dec 2018 by William Mullin

Best ever, unfortunately too addictive.

Dark low salt pretzels
Posted 12th Dec 2018 by Marshall Harrison

Great taste but too many broken pretzels.

extra dark low salt pretzels
Posted 9th Oct 2018 by Jack G

PA hard pretzels have been my favorite snack since I was a kid in the 50's. These Uncle Jerry's Extra Dark Low Salt Pretzels are the very best ..

Extra Low Salt Pretzels
Posted 14th Jul 2018 by William Rosenbaum

I am very satisfied with my recent delivery. However, it seems that the majority of the 12 bags that were sent are broken pieces. I prefer the whole pretzels as the majority in the bags. Next time, please make sure that they are all not broken. Thanks very much.

Posted 8th Jul 2018 by Brad Richard

I've lived in Lancaster my whole life. These are without a doubt the best I ever have had. Will be buying again.

Low salt dark pretzels
Posted 26th Jun 2018 by Joe

Excellent, excellent pretzels! It would be great if you could make them in little nugget size.

Cat's Meow
Posted 9th Apr 2018 by Lisa A

Dear Uncle Jerry, Friends and family think your pretzels are the cat's meow. The contents of the 2 boxes of 8 bags each arrived in pristine shape. Thanks

Perfect Amount of Salt
Posted 1st Mar 2018 by Kay Sab

Best-tasting pretzels anywhere. The low salt option is great, especially for those who have to limit salt intake. Perfect amount of salt.

Posted 9th Feb 2018 by William Rosenbaum

Uncle Jerry's Extra Dark Low Salt Pretzels are the best that I've ever had. They are exactly what I enjoy for my favorite snack. I wish they came in larger containers or barrel tubs like other companies have.

Best Pretzels EVER!!
Posted 22nd Jan 2018 by Gary

As a pretzelolic I have eaten many, many different pretzels, but these are absolutely the best pretzels I have ever eaten. The Extra Dark Low salt I cannot get enough of. Just the best.

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Calories Per Serving (1 Pretzel) 90
Fat Calories 0
Total Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 80mg
Total Carb. 19g
Sugars 0g
Protein 2g
Height 12.00
Width 12.00
Depth 9.00
Warranty Ingredients: Unbleached wheat flour, sourdough, well water, vegetable fiber, yeast, soda and salt
Extra Dark Low Salt
Extra Dark Low Salt
Extra Dark Low Salt